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We provide unique educational inspirations for kids of all ages, while exciting a life-long love of learning.

If you’ve got a business or organization that cares about the future and wants to make a positive difference in the world… and increase sales and awareness… CONTACT US and we’ll design original, creative, cost-effect and uniquely savvy, social promotions and events tailored to your business or organization.

There is nothing more lasting, engaging, or entertaining than the joy of learning…get inspired with TechBandits!

Keeping kids of all ages curious, inspiring a life-long love of learning and fueling the quest for truth, gathered from many perspectives.

-David Hewlett

TechBandit Wednesday or Thursday Weekly @ 2:30 ET

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David Hewlett and his EZ Robotlett, Marvin…fuelling up for another Tech Bandits club meeting!

Here be robots! 

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”