002 Fridaze TechBanditry LIVE! Show Notes

Greetings again, Tech Bandits!
Are you ready to go live again?!  
11am EDT Friday July 10thYou’ll be able to watch at: https://twitch.tv/techbanditry

I’ve had to push Tony Ellis and The STEAM sisters until next week, in the hopes of figuring out a way to add their video chat to our live stream… we’ve got to be able to see them and the spectacular science and tech they’ve been getting up to!


In the meantime, here’s what inventor extraordinaire Tony has been up to in regards to our Tech Bandits N.O.H. COVID distance sensor!

Ultrasonic NOH.jpg

And just so we’re all on the same page… here’s a reminder on how Ultrasonic Sensors work…Wait until you get a load of the math!

And a very cool little TED animation about the piezoelectric crystal that makes all this distance sensing possible!

And since we obviously can’t be expected to go without them for another week … here’s where you can catch the fabulous STEAM Sisters online:


The STEAM Sister’s YouTube channel, home of STEAMStories and Boredom Busters:

The STEAM Sisters on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steam.sisters/

And here’s a recent CTV interview they did with a couple of cool sci facts celebrating Canadian science: 


Now, from high frequency sound to not hearing any sounds at all… check out the latest in flexible sensor fabric and AI to create a glove that translates sign language into speech!


Of course, this made me want to learn how to sign… here’s a few signs for beginners:

Communication is a powerful tool.. but what about sound itself?  What if it could be used to move things? 


Check out Physics Girl as she walks us through how she built an Acoustic levitator:

Is anyone else getting Lucio from Overwatch, vibes?  What other cool things is sound being used for or could be used for in the future?


And now just to throw you all off on a completely different tangent…Guess who’s got the latest and greatest face swapping technology….Disney?!

Yikes How the heck do we know which one is real?!


Why would Disney want to swap faces.  How could this technology help them making their movies and TV shows… and how could it make the Internet even harder to believe?

Oh, and by the way, they’ve also been building an army of stuntronic robots!

See you all tomorrow!

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