GameBandits Aug 5th 2020

GameBandits Show Notes: The Sweet Updates of Summer

Aug 5th 2020 


Yes, we’re back… talking news and tech…and just about anything else …with our crack team of gaming bandits…and our live Twitch chat-sters!

Tune in tomorrow, August 5th  at 11am EDT:

First up… we’ve got builds to discuss… sounds like BagOfChips is looking to build his first gaming PC…can’t wait to hear his plans and discuss his options…and yes, I’m looking at you LordChunky!

Maybe start with something virtual?

Want to know what it’s like building awesome PC’s for a living.. then PC Building Simulator and this new DLC (downloadable content) is the game for you!

And here’s the PC Building Simulator Trailer:

PC Building Simulator Trailer
JackJack and Racoon

My evil spawn, known to you non-Hewletts as Baz, has given me a couple of breaking gaming news items…

Valorant’s Killjoy

Valorant has released its Act II, with a new Battlepass that allows you to grind your way to new skins. Act II also introduces a new robot loving character, Killjoy and yes…more ridiculously expensive ($100)  gun skins…a hundred bucks!?!  Am I alone in thinking that’s nuts!?

Valorant 1.05 Patch Info

Let the games begin… the Overwatch Summer Games, that is…with new LucioBalls and fast paced Remix game mode, along with some fun new skins.

Overwatch Summer Update

Baz is grounded! 

What I mean is, he’s one of over a million gamers who have tried out Grounded, the massive new game, all about being tiny…which actually felt the need to include an arachnophobia mode for those who just can’t stand coming face-to-face with the glowing eyes of towering spiders!:

What would you do with 250 million dollars?  There are now 150 million users on Roblox users and the developers that will earn that staggering amount of bucks, not just robux, this year are mostly teenagers….like us!

…That is a lot more than the meagre 100 million doh-lahs worth of bitcoin that the teenage hacker scored by hacking big name accounts on Twitter…and which has now got him arrested… I guess crime doesn’t pay!
Look forward to game gabbing with you all tomorrow!