GameBandits RoboCam Crash and spin…and a Sims seance?

Hello Game Bandits!


I want to make a game! My plan was to hop on the stream a little early this week and walk through the Unity Lego tutorial before we got started, but a robot arm flung itself off the ceiling and I was lost to playing with that!

The reason I’m interested is that I’ve played a little (a very little to be fair) with Minecraft modding…it gets confusing so here’s MattVideoProductions on how is all works now in the 20’s!

and if that’s to your liking Matt’s got a who playlist on installing and understanding mods!(especially with the new tools available for doing that like and I’m fascinated by the potential of Roblox studio and dabbling with RPG maker.. but I thought it might be a great way to dive into Unity to see just how hard it is to get up and running with game design…so prepare to meet Mark the soviet hammer headed sickle lemon shark zombie that we dreamed of creating a game for…

Mark the soviet (if forgot the hammer headed part) sickle lemon shark zombie

In some way, shape, or form I intend to put him through his paces by creating a mini game or whatever else we can come up with this incredible Lego / Unity learn game design and programming partnership!

Next up we need to check in with GoogleNoodles about her new PC build and ImIronham will give us some VR tips (like how he plans on not destroying his room and monitors while play Super Hot!…and perhaps even a review of his latest VR games!

Weirdly timed theme pack for Sims 4 which just added the very Halloweeny Paranormal pack…as PCGamer magazine points out…3 months AFTER Halloween!? Maybe trying to cash in on the horror game trend of Dead By Daylight or Phasmaphobia.


And gaming itself is yet again proving to be Pandemic proof with some crazy huge jump in numbers over on Steam:

Steam Year end blog post.

OMG i want this mask from Razer!

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