2023 TechBandits Mailing List Of Awesome Awesomeness

Greetings, fellow humanoid, <<First Name>>!
It’s Hewlett, David Hewlett, here… and I wanted to thank, welcome, or re-thank and re-welcome, you all my 2023 TechBandits Mailing List Of Awesome Awesomeness! (I do love when I get to name things!)

I really appreciate you joining me and I truly hope to make it worth your while with, somewhat more regular, tales of my adventures and more importantly all my latest tech inspirations! If there’s anything techie that you think I would enjoy or that I should cover, either for myself or my TechBandits…please let me know (davidihewlett@gmail.com)…and via our fabulous TechBandits Discord server community: https://discord.gg/ymEKcy3PyC
Here’s a couple of the things I’ve got planned for 2023…
One of my missions this year is to better share the inspired technologies and discoveries that I stumble upon! I’m still not sure what the best format for these excited little geek outs will be, but the initial plan is to send them out as brief, impromptu emails of tech joy…you’ll have to let me know what you think so I can tweak as I go for maximum enjoyment!
One of my favourite things in the whole galaxy is assistive tech…no idea why…it’s just that wonderful geeky dream (or nightmare) of merging human and machine! Of course, the reality is that ALL tech is, by definition, assistive!? That said, I’m really looking forward to getting better acquainted with all the cool software, devices and strategies that are out there, or in development! And who better to do that with than the hilariously brilliant, and giant brains of Joe Strechay and Lance Carr (GimpyGod).
COMMUNITY TECHBANDITRYBratlett and I are going out into the really real world! We will be presenting a few live Techbanditry sessions at a local Community Centre that Baz has been volunteering at. It has been such an inspiration to me, seeing him so engaged by all the great programs he’s been able to participate in and help the centre out with. I am so freaking excited about it! So, I thought I’d share the session suggestions we’ve sent in for the centre’s student council to vote on…right now we have 3 sessions to fill…so let’s hope they choose wisely!
Laser SpidersOur brilliant Entomologist and Arachnologist professor friends bring in a collection of fabulous 8-legged beasties and we shoot lasers at them! The lasers don’t hurt them, they are, in fact, part of a laser vibrometer that turns even the slightest movement into sound…what can only be described as spider death metal!
Tech Autopsies
Pick a victim from a collection of trash tech treasures (old PCs, printers, radios etc.) and we tear them open to see how they work. We might even start thinking about how we can use the parts to make our own Frankenstein tech inventions or futuristic works of art!…you can’t break it if it’s already broken!Learn MoreA Raccoon in a lab coat performs an autopsy on some old technology
Two cartoon raccoons with snacks eagerly ready to watch a movieHollywood calling
I started making movies for fun with my friends when I was 14…now we get paid to work with Academy award winning writers, directors and movie stars! Learn how to write, direct, film and star in your own movies! We take a two-character scene from your favourite movie or show, break it down…then film it ourselves. Reimagine your favourite scenes with you in the starring role, using all the latest Hollywood-pro techniques, tips and tricks!
Eat my prints!
We’re getting a 3D printer…what the heck are we going to do with it!? Let’s figure out how to get this 3D printing beast printing with TinkerCad 3D…a completely free 3d design tool! Everything from collectibles to battle bots…if you can design it, you can print it! To get things started, how about we learn the basics with some delicious designs on the PancakeBot…a 3D printer that turns 3D designs into freaking pancakes! (PancakeBot is getting shipped from a very kind friend who invented it! Hoping it will be with us in time for our session if it gets voted in!)
A happy raccoon 3d printing a pinecone
A pack of cartoon space mercenary  raccoons playing video games Game Changing Gamers.
Control your laptop using only your brain…master your iPhone with your eyes closed, literally! Defeat your Fortnite foes using just your toes!? Let’s check out the awesome assistive devices and tech that help people with disabilities become dangerous gaming opponents. Choose your partners well…we end the session in combat… And the only way to win will be to combine skills to operate your Xbox controller with no hands!
HOLY WOW! Did you make it this far!? You must be as big a nerd as I am! 😉
Thank you all!
All the best,
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