Fantastic Plastic Follow-ups!

Hello, Planet Saving Bandits of Tech!
A couple of weeks back (or was it years ago?…hard to say, right now!) we had the MOST AMAZING TechBandits chat with Artist, Activist and oceanographer Candy Medusa…Well, I’ve finally put together a post on with a link to the video and all the wonderful resources that Candy Medusa has provided for me… along with a few of my own, check it out! of things in the works and a new Bandit to welcome to the team… Elsa has joined us from what sounds like an amazing part of the world… Sweden! I’ve got to say she’s off to a great start and I’m so happy to have yet another new perspective on all these Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math inspirations!Speaking of perspectives…let me remind everyone to join us for Banditry Tech, Talk and Gaming and random chatter over on our TechBandits Discord Server…where I’ve added a new TechBandits Topics section for people to jump in with their own interests, ideas and expertise!All the best,D!
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