Drobo heard my cries of “where do I save all this great Tech Bandits video” ! They have provided us with one of their massive B810n NAS disk array beasts, which I’ve affectionately named “Meredith” after my on-screen Stargate persona “Dr. Rodney Meredith Mckay”.

Drobo Meredith

I film tons of Tech Bandits sessions, and Tech Bandit related content, whether in person or in online meetings with the plan to cobble together video versions of our adventures for a global, online community of Tech Bandits. That means huge video files that need to archived and reliably backed up and accessible at all times. The B810N has been amazing, recovering flawlessly and effortlessly from two seperate hard drive failures!

I’m currently storing over 30TB of files on our glorious B810N, Meredith! Thank you Drobo!