001 TechBandits LIVE! Show Notes

Hello Summertime Bandits of Tech!

Since everyone’s schedule is so hot and humid these days, I thought I’d mix things up a bit…

NO PRIVATE ZOOM MEETING THIS WEEK… Nope! In a bid to open this whole TechBandits thing to a wider and more geographically diverse audience, I’m going try out a TechBandits Live Twitch Stream!

Any willing Tech Bandits are welcome to join me on our Twitch channel… https://www.twitch.tv/techbanditry
If Bandits want to chat (via text) Baz has got a private TechBandits only discord channel set up just for them (you will need to set up a free discord account to use this…but it’s cool, the kids love it! 😉

The TechBandits can communicate with me through Discord, so it’s just them and I… and I will be streaming live and also interacting with people in the live Twitch stream.  It sounds complicated, but really it’s just those two links.

And if it’s a miserable failure, then we all learned something…I’m not sure what, but I’m sure it’s a great life skill! 😉
Here’s some things we could be discussing!


5G Towers set on fire because people believe conspiracy theories!?People are actually burning down 5G towers because of completely debunked theories that link them to COVID1-19!?

It seems that we are living in the perfect time for conspiracy theories to thrive… how do we guard ourselves against this kind of misinformation?https://www.snopes.com/news/2020/06/12/how-the-5g-coronavirus-conspiracy-theory-began/

Twitter and other big tech companies are changing racially charged technical terms like “master” and “slave” in networking or “Blacklist” and “Whitelist” for access to servers.  We’ve talked a bit about how language can affect the way people treat each other… can you think of any other examples of this kind of language that we should be reconsidering?  I’m trying not to say “guys” when I’m talking to groups of people who aren’t all “guys”.  Any thoughts?


What’s with all these companies boycotting Facebook?


How should facebook be handling all these complaints of misinformation, racism and violence on their service.  How do you think they should fix this?

One of my amazing friends sent me this very cool sounding robot recycling contest being held by Emanuel School in London, England…


What steps would a robot have to go through in order to properly sort our recycling? 

If you need help “sorting” out what goes where, here in Toronto, you can always ask the waste wizard:


And speaking of robots… one of my favourite robotic companies FESTO has created a couple of amazing new projects…A beautiful new robotic bird: 

and an incredibly dextrous hand on a balancing ball robot?!


Talk to you tomorrow!

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