And…we’re Back…TechBandits Heatwave in two parts!

So good to be back at Banditry! Scroll down for a whole slew of cool links and some very late-night rough shownotes…

Techbandits news…WulfPup has had his first vaccination shot…and it made him dizzy standing up…but also on his way to 90% effective against COVID. And apparently when TechBandit BagOfChips was younger he used to be told he’d be sent to Swaziland if he didn’t behave…he didn’t think it was a real place…but now he’s wondering what it’s like…let’s have a look!

Valorant seems to be holding gamers interest…and taking their money! The Free game has weapons and wardrobe skins that can be purchased…and the latest GlitchPop knife is a whopping $50!

Are my TechBandits crazy or am I missing out on the future…again! Would you spend that kind of money on an in-game purchase? I thought it would be way cooler to spend the money on a 3D printed version…but I’m old…and I’m totally going to do it!!

Canadian Internet Technology Superstar Linus Tech Tips has some pretty blunt advice to gaming streamers on Twitter.

We just got given 6 boxes of old comic books from TechBandit, PC and Crypto Guru, LordChunky! Now, we’ve been told that all the 80’s comics aren’t worth much…but I want to read them…and weirdly enjoy cataloging them too…I decided to see what one of my all-time favourite comic book is worth…and I was NOT disappointed!

OnlyFans made the mistake of “cleaning up it’s act” and win over bankers and payment providers happy by announching they were removing adult content from it’s site…wait!? So everything from it’s site!? 😉 OnlyFans have now backed down…did they do the right thing? What is the future of of infamous OnlyFans… a platform that our TechBandits have a surprising amount of interest in for those too young to join!

One of the first things I wanted to share with the TechBandits was this extremely cool BBC piece on robotic art at the Tokyo Olympics:

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded…sounds like there some debate on that…but Death Valley seems to be getting all the heat…both from the Sun and the Internet!

Bratlett and I have been huge fans of GameTheory and FilmTheory for ages now…turns out we’re not alone…so please keep it up MatPat! Which sort of leads me to Five Nights At Freddy’s!?

Tomorrow I’m talking to a guy that works Steel Wool Studios…who the Techbandits were quick to point out are the company making Five Nights At Freddy’s which is the reason Bratlett won’t go into the basement alone. We discussed the creator of Five Nights At Freddy’s who, I’m told by the Bandits has been “cancelled” on Twitter because he supported Trump and the assumption that his political leanings meant he was anti-lgbtq2s+…there’s an interesting article about his experience in Forbes:

…we decided that who you vote for shouldn’t get you doxxed (his address was made public and Internet threats totally freaked out his pregnant wife…so NOT cool) and we discussed the whole idea of “getting cancelled”. CandyMedusa and I think we should change it to getting “busted” if it’s just about you getting caught doing something wrong…But Scott Cawthon seems to have suffered it for perfectly legal and well-meaning political donations and his christian beliefs. We also discussed a recent Five Nights at Freddy’s “rip-off” movie with Nick Cage

and a crazy Five Nights at Freddy’s spin-off fanfilm by chilean artist Martin Walls that FNAF creator Sott Cawthon publically appreciated called the Walden Files…They confued the hell out of me but did get IronHam and I talking about horror movie ideas…so who knows!? Maybe have a look?:

And of course it all comes back to GameTheory who covers just about everything FNAF…well between their GameTheory and FilmTheory they’ve basically covered just about everything for that matter!?:

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