Being Orangutan Happy and  Killing Cactuses!

A rather excited Stargate scientist wearing a Texas Advanced Computing Center t-shirt holds a delivery
It’s another TechBandits email of awesome awesomeness!
Hello <<First Name>>
I have just recieved the Genetic Engineering Plants kit from my fabulous friends at The Odin! (I’m not affiliated with The Odin. I’m just a big fan of Jo Zayner and his mission to bring biotech and engineering to the amateur world!) The brilliant David Ishee, over there, has been kind enough to send us the new plant genetic engineering kit that they have been working on. So, we get to try it out…along with the online class they’re making available on their YouTube Channel January 22nd & January 29th 12-2pm CST.
The idea seems to be to get the leaves of a tobacco plant to express a red pigment to show that we’ve successfully re-engineered(?) its cells…Wow! I can kill a cactus, so this should be interesting!
Hands up... Stargate hero Rodney Mckay terrifies a cactus
I do really think it’s important (and crazy exciting!) for TechBanditry to dabble in some biotechnology. I hope to show the Bandits just how much is possible, with a little curiosity, know-how and a few cheap and simple tools.

If you want to see what’s in the kit, I did an unboxing this week, as part of our How to be Orangutan Happy TechBandits stream.
If anyone has any suggestions or connections about biotech (or anything else you feel could make for good TechBanditry) then please let me know either here ( or on our amazing TechBandits Discord server!
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This week the TechBandits & I are heading back into CUBE territory! We will be talking Escape Room design & strategy with RandyTheMagicMan! And I’d like to see you all try and get out of this stream! 😉
Tuesday Jan 17th 2:30-ish pm ET safe, be kind, be BRILLIANT!
Your geek brother,D!