Buy the things you want – support the next generation of brilliant minds…ummm not so much?!


My cunning plan WAS to provide you with an on-going, ever expanding list of cool things for sale on These are things that I’m considering for The Tech Bandits or some are practical, many are just fun, or exciting or crazy extravagant items that any of us would love to have…but will probably have to contend with just dreaming about! The idea was to raise a few extra Banditry funds with Amazon affiliate links, so that when a Tech Bandit supporter clicks a link and ends up buying something, Amazon will give us a little commission… every little bit helps feed the insatiable flame of life-long learning, right!? So… it’s shopping time!?

Well…no! Amazon turned us down as an affiliate… not sure exactly why as but I think it was something about the links I was using… anyway I’m not an online salesman…though I’m sure I’ve played one on TV at some point in my career!

One of you fine folks suggested that I put together an Amazon wish list instead and if any of you kind folks want to help us out with a purchase…then that would be amazing!

Now I just have to figure out how to do that! 😉