C# & Magic The gathering bragging rights, David Ishee’s Unnatural Selection & ode to Odin

Oh nice long rambling burn and learn today. I am feeling rather good about the fact that I have finished my C sharp essential training section 2. Mainly because LinkedIn learning informs me that I can post that fact on my LinkedIn page which is Exactly the kind of showing off thata little MacKay like me revels in! I finish the mastery section of magic the gathering and wish they had the same kind of bragging rights on that. I also started watching the brilliant and charming David Ishee’s recommendation of a Netflix show called Unnatural selection, which I am really enjoying so far. Only halfway through the first hour but thus far l, two thumbs up for me…although I do wonder about the usual creepy hacker at night lit only by the glowing green of bio luminescence as an ongoing evil scientist cliché!? I’ve met these folks and they are so far and varied from that!

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