Caves, chemistry, gambling on Addictive content and Arresting Canadian Bowser?

Hello GameBandits!

It’s been FAR FAR too long since last we had a good game geek-out session!

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Why don’t I start with the News!

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs

Minecraft digs deep for its next update…Caves and cliffs!

Minecraft just had another huge live stream detailing all the latest and greatest game related news…and there’s lots to unpack in here!:

Minecraft Live 2020

Along with glow squids and Minecraft joining Super Smash Brothers I was very happy to see a new map called “Good Trouble: Social Justice Movements Around the World” in the announcement! This upcoming map will be based on the teachings of US Congressman John Lewis.

Young UAE residents use Minecraft to help design the future of their city and earn their home a Child-Friendly City designation from UNICEF. Credit: UN-Habitat

There’s also an incredibly exciting initiative called Block by Block which is a very cool collaboration with UN Habitat that allows community members to redesign their neighborhoods in Minecraft. Is there anything we could…or should be working towards with something like this…keeping in mind we’re still dealing with a pandemic? Maybe some fundraising? What about Toronto areas that might need this kind of attention?

For those of you too busy to enjoy the entire event… here’s the recap!

Canadian Bowser Console Hacker Arrested!


Team Xecuter is a console hacking and modding group that sells kits for switch which allow you to customize your console in ways never intended…including adding pirated games…well, now the owners, including one Canadian (whose real name is Bowser!) have been arrested for their adventures!

Should we be allowed to modify consoles we own? Isn’t that what we do with or PCs? Why would companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft not want us to have free access to the technology we paid for?

Fall Guys Season 2!

Already!? Looks like Season 2 of Fall Guys starts next week. Is the game still on the GameBandits radar? Is this going to be another huge hit? Does anyone still care? There is a lot of competition out there for gamers eyeballs… thumbs? Is Fall Guys going to stand the test of time?

Genshin Impact Hits Hard!

Genshin Impact is getting rave reviews. But this so-called Waifu (wife) of the Wild game has got people raving about micro transactions and gambling addiction thanks to loot boxes.  But isn’t it just a great way to get games for “free”? It certainly makes a ton of money for the gaming industry:

Come to think of it Bratlett and I buy a lot of trading card booster packs…

…is this the same thing? Could our UnlistedLeaf style excitement over finding those shimmering rares be the signs of gambling addiction!?


And what is the problem with gambling? Why is it such a big deal!? What makes it so addictive? What do we need to be careful about when it comes to addictive behaviour…both on and offline?

Here’s a very thorough look at the chemistry of addiction from the always inspiring Hank Green!

The Chemistry of Addiction

Though it doesn’t get into video games, Scientific American has a great article about gambling addiction…I guess I better keep an eye on my Magic The Gathering booster pack purchasing!?

SIMS 4 is getting a festive update!

In what looks to be a reaction to public pressure against AE’s lack of diverse representation options in the game EA has chosen Hispanic Heritage Month to release a new Latin American inspired series of updates.

Look forward to talking about this all with you Wednesday night!

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