CNC and you looking at me!?

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High-Five Bandits

We’ve got a new addition to our arsenal heading our way thanks to TechBandits supporter UK Jonathan with his very kind donation of a stonkingly great, full sized, CNC machine! Check this mega-beast out!

So what the heck is a CNC router? Well, let’s let YouTube tell us! Ours is a 3 axis machine… so the cutting bit can move left and right, forward and back and up and down…

3d Hubs has a description of a few different types of CNC machines:

Allowing us to build all sorts of wonderful things… first on the list? Something like this…

Which I’ve been dreaming about making for the students over at McCordich School for kids with developmental and physical disabilities… They’re using eyegaze technology instead of a mouse, as these students are unable to move it themselves. But the laptops sit on desks and are difficult to adjust to the correct eye-level… this could fix that!

What kind of things do you think we could be making with this amazing new tool?

Here’s a bit about the eyegaze technology company Tobii whose eye tracking software and hardware I’ve been lucky enough to play with and get to the kids at Mccordich!

Now I’d only thought of this as assistive tech for people with disabilities… but the problem with assistive tech is that it’s expensive…which is certainly the case with the Dynavox software that connects the eye tracking with the computer. So what else could it be used for to help drive the usage up and the cost down…how about one of the biggest industries on the planet…gaming!?

This is definately something we should talk about on GameBandits. It also makes complete sense that they are now putting this technology into glasses…How do you see Eye Tracking being used in the future? Perhaps with some of the new Augmented Reality Glasses that are beginning to reappear after Google’s failed Google Glass?

Early sighting of GlassHole Hewlett

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