COVID Killers!? High Tech delivery and Crazy Drones!

Are we done with COVID?! Sort of…

We’ve got vaccinations happening …so everything is peachy and we can stop wearing these stupid masks, right? WRONG!

Mouse Snack (snacking mouse meets hungry dog)

Currently the Centre for Disease control is advising that we keep wearing masks and practicing safe physical distancing.

Wear a mask… a real mask! (cat wears a paper bag mask)

What!!? Why? Because I told you… nope! It’s because as of right now, we only know that people who get vaccinated don’t develop symptoms…that doesn’t mean they might not get light infections…so while they don’t get all the horrible COVID related stuff, there might still be enough COVID for them to still pass it on to us…non-vaccinated folks (including those of us who are under 16, like me) …so please keep those masks on your face and keep six feet apart for the time being!

Here’s the CDC Frequently asked questions if you’re interested in going to the source…which you Totally should be, right?!

Doggie Researching (Dog eats woman’s newspaper)

The technology we’re using to create these latest COVID vaccinations are so freakin’ cool… here’s a brilliant video by the awesome ASAPScience which covers just about everything you need to know to become a COVID and vaccination expert and it’s from way back in March!

And if you’re worried about whether we should be worried about vaccinations then have a look at this Kurzgesagt video (who our D&D Dungeon Master James Gurney helps out with his virus and biology knowledge) on the subject.

Speaking of pandemics… it’s lead to a TON of deliveries as people try to keep their distance and avoid getting or spreading the virus… I thought it might be fun to look at some of the technology out there that makes the insane amount of packages and letter delivery possible.

What do you think of this army of Chinese package sorting robots?

Got any Amazon packages lately check out how they make that happen:

The Tech Vision video above brings up an important point…one that our TechBandit GoogleNoodles has brought up a few times before… how this could make things difficult for current warhouse workers. What about the humans? What do they do when they’re replaced by robots?

I also stumbled across this First Person View of a drone mail plane making its way over the Alps… could there be openings for drone pilot postal workers in the future? The view is rather breathtaking!

The same FliteTest folks who made this video do some prettty crazy stuff with drones… here’s a couple of the craziest to finish things off, including a manned racing drone!

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A few things came up:

Wulfpup was eager to talk about The end of the flash plugin… I remembered when it was called shockwave?

A few sites came up including and

Bratlett seems quite keen on learning about Socrates and we had some fun with quotes from him and his student Plato.

Bratlett brought up his dislike of Canadian history and his complaints were picked up by all the Bandits about how dull history can be… his current task is to write a historically accurate but fictional account about one of the politicians considered the father of Confederation here in Canada, Nova Scotia’s Robert Barry Dickey. And how Canada was named when settlers thought that the indigenous Huron-Iroquois word “kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement” referred to the country as a whole.

We talked Scratch’s drag and drop programming and how it’s just as “real” a programming language as any other:

And i recommended the amazing SethBling’s Minecraft turtle programming series.

I told everyone about my desire to convince Bratlett to not let YouTube tell him what to watch next…thus allowing the algorithm to show him what is best for Youtube rather than his own interests!

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