DireWoofs and BeetleBackCams…to Bunkers and PepperX!

I can’t believe how fast Friday’s come this time around.  Just did an amazing interview with the fabulous and talented Neal Acree who, having worked on Stargate, is now also composing for some of the biggest video games around…such a great guy and what a fantastic insight into the world of film TV and video game music!

Also this week I had the pleasure to chat with my new Geek Brother from another Mother Barnacules (Smash together Barnacles and Hercules if you want to pronounce it right). He’s not exactly kid-friendly content, but he’s a great guy and just as much of a curious nerd as we Bandits. He has been kind enough to put me in touch with Haddington Dynamics… makers of the incredible open source Dexter robotic arm…have a look see!

Huzzah! Earning her keep.

Normally, I’d be curled up on the sofa tapping my TechBandits show notes… but it seems our new DireWoof, Huzzah! is using it…ALL of it!

See you Friday Aug 7th 11am EDT for more banditry and chatter!


I’m hoping that we’ll get to check in with Tony Ellis about our N.O.H. distancing Sensor…but he’s got family visiting and you know how crazy that can get!

Caption: Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a tiny camera that can ride aboard an insect. Here a Pinacate beetle explores the UW campus with the camera on its back. Credit: Mark Stone/University of Washington

Check out this fabulous Beetle Cam that BagofChips’ dad sent us!  Small enough to fit on the back of a beetle but able to send live video from a camera that can be positioned remotely!

Updated Google Glass for kids with Austism

And how about this as another great use of tiny cameras? These upgraded google glasses are being used by kids on the Autism spectrum to understand how they should identify and react to people’s emotions.


Mars House Prototype

I know we’ve spoken about 3d printing buildings before, but I just love the idea of this one designed to be printed on Mars…  and I was so inspired hearing the designer describe the system’s  “hunter scavenger” approach to building off world housing!.

Wired’s 3d Printed Mars Habitat Interview

And since we’re still in Pandemic mode… I couldn’t help but seek out news about how technology is being used to help us stay safe… or robots wielding light sabers!

General Greivous

Nope… not him… this one! 😉

Disinfecting Boston Food Bank with UV Robot

How about this COVID19 Blasting beast of an autonomous robot that uses powerful UV light to disinfect buildings for us…have a look at it in action at a Boston food bank:

UV Robot in Action
Hug Your Face & Keep your distance

Which then got me thinking about what cool new high-tech masks might be out there… (the one above is a leather, Alien inspired critter available on etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/828373836/facehugger-mask-pattern-for-leather?ref=shop_home_active_1&pro=1

I am not your father!

The computerized voice-over for this video is so bad it’s funny, but there are some really neat new face huggers in here!

Latest in Masks

See you all tomorrow!




But just because we had topics all mapped out, didn’t mean we stuck to them! Where’s the fun in that!? Here are some really fun diversions (SQUIRREL!) we went on during our crazy wonderful live stream.

The Bandits and I are big on bunkers… and we had some amazing suggestions from the Twitch Chat including this horror movie worthy virtual walkthrough of a Titan 2 Missile Complex up for sale:

Titan Missile Complex Tour

Or maybe a nice $400k for a Nuclear Bunker in Scotland that houses 150 and originally cost 30 million!


One of my favourites is Colin Furze who never disappoints with his enthusiasm and over-the-top approach to engineering…here’s his take on a little backyard bunker:

Underground Bunker Colin Furze style!

We also manintaged to meander into the realm of stupid Internet memes that nobody with a brain should repeat… including idiots endangering their own health by eating tide detergent pods and mounds of cinnamon.


We ended up talking about the power of the mutant PepperX from the mad pepper scientists at https://puckerbuttpeppercompany.com/ and it’s rightful place near the top of the The Scoville Scale:

Scoville Spicy Heat Scale

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