Eating Let’s Talk Science’s lunch, TECLA’ assistive awesomeness & Holland, our not-a-spider robot

Loving the Learn of my Burn and Learn… Arduino course on LinkedIn Learning taught by the wonderful Zahraa Khalil who is doing an amazing job of covering everything a nerd like I could want or need to know about Arduino!

Big shout out and thanks to Mauricio and Natalia for talking TECLA with me! Amazing assistive Technology that I’m looking forward to trying out with the Tech Bandits!

The incredible Canadian Charity, Let’s Talk Science and all their STEM inspirations can be found here… But remember to save me a big lunch!

Holland…as in Tom Holland the six-legged non-Spider is from the most excellent EZ-Roboteers…

And…of course, no end of thanks and praise to our Fabulous Patrons!

Again…not getting paid for any of these links or mentions…just a geek, geeking out and sharing the love…Peace out, spacecats!

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