Making Big Money in Esports… it’s more than just gaming!

Welcome back Bandits! I trust you all had a wonderful long Canadian Thanksgiving weekend… and everyone else should obviously move here as we have the best holidazes! 😉

Today we’ll delve into the world of professional E-sports!

Popcorn Racoon

I’m not sure about how legit the numbers are on this website, but Wow! Take a look at the earnings on some of these gamers!

But I’ve done a little digging… ’cause, you know, who doesn’t dream of being a professional gamer for a living…especially such a crazy great living in fact?

Esports Arena

It used to be (that’s how you sound old, say things like “used to be”) you could only earn a living as a professional gamer if you were in that tiny portion of the top 0.001 percent of players in the world. But now, it seems that there’s more than just gaming in the gaming industry. Did you know that there are professional in-game camera operators as well as the live event camera folks?

Let’s hope that women are better represented in this field than they are in the film and television industry… this Guardian article about Oscar nominated Cinematographer Rachel Morrison was an eye-opener to me!

‘Ever heard of a woman cameraman?’: why female cinematographers get overlooked

BTW… she didn’t win the Oscar, but she WAS the first woman ever (!?) to be nominated for one in Cinematography! Any ideas on why do you think this is the case?

Back to gaming (Squirrel!) we’re seeing all sorts of esports related job titles; everything from coaches, consultants, trainers, to nutritionists, physical therapists, designers, editors, programmers, commentators, hosts, broadcasting techs, visual effects, as well as musicians, account managers, business development executives, digital marketers and there are certainly even more! The esports industry has reached a level of popularity (and profitability) where it’s employing people with a wide range of different skills, talents and knowledge.

Esports is Hiring

There’s even a whole conference about behind the scenes of Esports:

Esports – Behind the Scenes

Want to see for yourself what jobs are out there and what they’re offering? There’s an amazing job site just for people in esports if you want to have a look:

What kind of job would you want to have in the esports industry? Are there any that surprised you to find on there? Are there any parts of gaming that interest you as much as the gaming itself? Are there any jobs that might not exists yet that you could bring to the industry?

How I got a job in Esports

Gaming News Time!

Final updates to final updates for Terraria?

Re-Logic had originally said that Terraria was done with the last update… but it seems they couldn’t leave their Journey just yet. They’ve released another “final” update to the popular game… but this time it’s for real…maybe?

Genshin Impact made over 100 million dollars in the two weeks since it launched… and that covers everything they spent on making the game. I guess that means we’ll be seeing even more microtransactions based games in our future? We didn’t get a chance to dive into the whole gambling/microtransactions gaming strategy last week, but it looks like we’re sure to be revisiting this contentious egaming topic soon enough!

Phasmophobia Scares up Top Steam Seller…

Not for the faint of heart…or in my case the motion sick… Phasmophobia is a huge hit and even heralded as the “best ghost hunter game ever”! Do you think this is just about Halloween? Why is it so popular? Do you dare to play? How about making it through the trailer!? We should check in with the prince of terror, IronhamTV about this, as he’s been streaming it with friends this week!

Have a great day and we’ll see you all 4pm EDT Wednesday after school!

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