What are you fanatical about? I’ve actually started putting YouTube frames around people in my head when they get going about something they love and are passionate about. There are few things as captivating as listening to someone who is enthralled by something…anything can become interesting if someone else is truly interested in it themselves….and that’s what I’m find here on YouTube. Having been to a number of “industry” events of late, talking about film and television it’s amusing for me to hear them taking about “super-fans” as the “newest” paradigm shift for the entertainment industry…as if it wasn’t always that way! The difference now is that their products and services shows and films are all completely dependent on the response from fans because all the old versions of “tracking” audience response have been made obsolete and they can see their successes and fails in a very measurable and public way. The audience ratings systems that they’ve relied on so long have given away to real time data that suddenly makes it very clear that the tiny amount of money spent on YouTube content is rivaling the multi-million dollar television shows and 200 million dollar movies out there. Now more than ever it’s about the fans!

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