Finally…RenoNerd Followup!

Time to follow up on the Reno Nerd video that I posted a week or so ago…here’s the link for that:
YouTube withdrawl suffering & Reno Nerds

We’re gearing up for the move to the new house and I’m dying to get into some renovating, but the plan is to live in the house for a while first and see what does and doesn’t work for us with the space. Sebastian is taking a keen interest in painting his own room in his own colours, but I’m not sure that Jane shares in his enthusiasm…I think his idea of a line of every colour entirely works within her intereior design guidelines!

Marc Lane’s Magnet stud finder video:’s DIY subreddit: .

Any my Reddit Ask Me Anything:

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Ponds gone wrong:

Karin Pike Renofriends onYouTube:

Libre CAD

Google’s Sketchup

Kelly Hodges on YouTube:

BritTwit’s Reno Video:

Tiny Houses

Solitary Nerdette on YouTube:

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