From geek to high school drop out!

This inspired geek became a shameful high-school dropout…how is your education treating you? I’ve just learned that I’ve passed the YouTube certification exam and that makes it the first exam I’ve passed in over two decades…in high school I was very good at NOT passing exams. I hated school despite a life long love of learning. From a very early age I would sit for hours reading encyclopedias and making all sorts of bizzare connections between the various and varied subjects that enthralled me. I loved electronics and physics but that was soon killed by uninspired teachers and a one-size fits all mentality to education. How do we stop this from happening? I feel that the educational system…in every country I’ve lived in seems to be failing to inspire students…even receptive kids like I had been…to revel in and enjoy learning the way they should.
Here’s the Ken Robinson lecture that I feel is a must see!

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