Frozen Snow Tech Terrors

It was hard to live up to last week’s laser spiders…but we certainly did our best! Thanks again Andrew for blowing my tiny arachnophobic mind…can’t wait to play again!

Started yesterday’s session by introducing the terrors to the new XBox adaptive controller.  Wanted to get them thinking about how they’re going to customize these brilliant beasts to play video games, with more than one terror at the controls and some non-standard disability related buttons, switches and foot pedals that Xbox has kindly provided us…I think we’ll start with a driving game and then progress to Fortnite to really push their limits!

Our robot army has arrived from the frozen North… so we had five brave robo Terrors start working on assembling our new EZ-Robot JD Humanoids…I’ve been assured that they’re going to figure out the wiring without the instructions…so while skeptical…I’m curious to see how they turn out…and what crawling limping robo-horrors emerge!? 😉

We had the Hallway Tech Autopsies up and running on two printers and also on a thermostat that one of our inspired Examiner Terrors brought in to dive into.  I’m going to have the Terrors help me out with some “best practices” and “autopsy guidelines” to help get the most out of these tech corpses.  Really want to take that infectious curiosity and desire to get into this dead tech and focus it on all possible disassembly options before we resort to cutting and forcing things…I’ve been stressing the idea of autopsies over breakerspace this week…as I’m noticing it’s easier to get carried away with the breaking and forget the potential making tech that could be extracted!

Our printing Terrors were walked through their first print…a pink Flexi Rexi… by Mad Maker Mike!  Bratlett and I went back a few hours later to retrieve it and it looks beautiful!  Given the interest in these amazing first prints, it looks like we’ll need to print a few more flexi rexies for the printer Terrors…I’m thinking the Terrors could perhaps be tasked with printing their own Flexi Rexi’s in order to show their mastery of the process!  You can check Rexi…and a billion other cool print files on

Oh Boy does this really makes me want to upgrade our amazing Prusa to multi-filament…thus allowing us to print colors!

Finally, VidaFX and his Youtube gamer Terrors learned about the Open Broadcasting Software, OBS which is a screen capture software for windows.  They also collaborated  on some design elements pulled from Google images and started exploring Panzoid…an amazing opening titles website sourced by our very own savvy gaming Terrors!

Here’s the latest Tutorial I could find…I highly recommend that you make sure to give a shout out to any designers and music you’re using in your videos! Helps them out and in turn helps you out too!

And speaking of savvy gamers….all the while…Our Elite PC Mod crew were hard at work on their Stormtrooper PC tear down and rebuild…Jack even brought his own thermal paste for connecting the CPU to its epic looking finned cooler!

I continue to add things to as I go…and will, of course, be including a version of this, along with pictures, shortly!
Have a great week…and feel free to get in touch with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or orphaned tech in desperate need of autopsy!

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