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And now, my usual random collection of GameBandit news and inspirations…

Toxic Ubisoft!?  

The company behind these impressive games Is in a huge mess right now.  Last week us Bandits were talking about the lack of diversity in video game design. Well, this week we’re hearing about the worst kinds of results from a male dominated game culture of sexism, homophobia and predatorial behaviour… this time from Canada’s own Ubisoft… including Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft San Francisco, Ubisoft Sofia and yes, Ubisoft Toronto!


There have been accusations of everything from sexist and homophobic comments to full on violent assault.  One of the VP’s got drunk at a Far Cry party and attempted to strangle a female employee!?  Numerous other incidents have only come to light thanks to the recent twitter storm which included text messages from anonymous employees concerned for their jobs.  The whole situation seems to indicate an incredibly toxic work environment.

Diversity in Hyperscape

How should companies deal with accusations like this?  How does behaviour  like this happen in the first place and what can we or the companies making great games do to stop it from happening again?

It’s frustrating to hear that Ubisoft has got itself into this position… as Baz has pointed out… the character choices for their new game Hyperspace are wonderfully diverse!

Lisa Simpson Fortune Teller

Fortunes in the Googling!

Peer through the mists of time and gaze into the future?  Be the first to find the next smash hit video game? Decide once and for all if Fortnite is losing steam… or prove without a shadow of doubt that Minecraft is still the reigning champ!  You don’t need a time machine or a crystal ball…you need Big Data!  And the big daddy of Big Data is Google!

Big Data HUD

Every search made on Google is saved and organized for your viewing pleasure over on GoogleTrends!  Type in your favourite games and instantly get an insane amount of information about how it’s being reference around the world… or even in your own city… check it out… you’ll quickly become an expert, with the data to back it up about just about any topic imaginable!  Here’s what I got comparing Fortnite, Valorant, Minecraft and Call of Duty… what are you going to search for?!


And speaking of numbers… while it’s obvious COVID19 sucks for us humans, it has been great for the video game industry!  Check out these recent video game sales:
The Verge Article

PC vs. Console…let the war begin!

I was feeling so very smug about my love of PC desktop gaming systems when I was looking at this TechRadar piece on how the PS5 can be beat by a mid-range gaming PC…TECH Radar Article

But then I saw this!? Wait! What? Whoah! Is it possible that the Xbox Series X is faster than gaming a PC!?  And if so… how do I change that!? DIGITAL TRENDS Article

Beaker Freaking out like a Hewlett

What are the advantages of Gaming Consoles… how about Gaming PCs?  Which do you prefer and why?  What sort of things do you need to compare when debating which platform to make your gaming home?

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