GameBandits: Gaming, Streaming and Esports STEAM Inspirations

A large number of our STEAM based bandits’ lives seem to revolve around video games… and only video games(!?) so… we’ve added GameBandits sessions to our schedule! We’ll be using our bandits passion for video games, eSports, streaming and gaming tech to inspire life-long learning, responsible cyber citizenry, equality and empathy both online and off.

Greetings Young Citizens of the Bandit empire…it’s Game time!

We’re going to talk high scores, cross-platform, ranks, updates, cheats and mods. There’s DPS vs Tanks and Healers to debate. Strategy, Meta, betas and Bedrock… but why stop there? Whether you’re on console, PC, or Mac, or mobile…GameBandits is the community that speaks gaming to gamers!

Prepare to peer into the guts of gaming! Revel in cores and clock speeds… multi threads and Caches…prepare to take sides on today’s CPUs, GPUs and the RAM needed to get them screaming!

We’re going to chill over fans and liquid cooling, drool over motherboards, groaning under the weight of multiple Peripheral Component Interconnect express (PCIe) boards and humming with blazing fast on-board Solid State Drives (SSDs)? 

We’ll get you dreaming about glowing RGB lit desktop gaming towers filled to capacity with whirling fans of LEDs or riddled with tubes of garishly colored coolants.

We’ll peer at the refresh rates, dynamic range, resolution and response time from HD to 8k monitors… and maybe even open up a few! 

GamingBandits will help build your e-gaming empires, try out the top games and talk to fellow gamers. You’ll learn everything from the best keyboard binds to the marketing, communication and business know-who needed to cultivate and impress your global community of online fans?

If you live for gaming, then join our killer community of GameBandits on our quest for Godlike Gaming Knowledge!

LIVE on TWITCH: Wednesdays 4pm ET!

Want to brush up on you gaming tech? Check out these suggested videos to fill in the gaps!