GameBandits Bullets, Bucks and Chicken Drumsticks!

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Here’s a few things that caught my eye in the gaming realm for this week…but as always feel free to add your own when we get streaming!Busted by “Chicken Drumstick”!? Big time cheat selling empire that included cheats for Overwatch and call of duty just got taken down by operation “Chicken drumstick”! Yep, that’s what this joint operation, between Chinese police and tech giant Tencent, was called. And how much were the 17 cheats they discovered worth…how about a cool $76 million!?
Just how bad has cheating in online games become? Have you run into cheats similar to the ones created and sold by these folks? Would you consider using game cheats?

Dodging a Real Bullet for Esports!? A professional League of Legends player can make $400,000 a year…but how do you train if you’re living on $1.90 a day, dodging bullets, police raids and gang turf wars and using slow and constantly interrupted Wi-Fi from your neighbour!? Zero gravity (you can get google to translate it for you) is an esports team that “only hires young slum dwellers and those of low income,” and they are part of an amazing move to change Brazilian lives with video games!Here’s the great article from

$45 billion in Roblox stock anyone? Game company, Robolox just went public…which means it has launched on the stock market and shares of the company can now be bought and sold like other companies. After it’s first day of trading it was worth a whopping $45 billion! But Roblox is not just a game for the 9-12 year old crowd it’s also a hotbed for earning us kids some serious game development money too! It’s even spawned a couple of full game development studios like Stylis, creator of the impressive Phantom Forces Roblox game! article:

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