GAMEBANDITS June 30th Session Notes

Game Bandits!
Looks like CaNERDa day is going to mess with our PC Bandit plans this week…so no Session this Wednesday… however why don’t I get a show of e-hands about getting together Thursday at 11AM EDT and I’ll see about getting that scheduled!
In the meantime…


Have you dug up any Netherite yet?  What’s your favourite new addition, or rarest find or your daringest deed thus far in the new Minecraft Nether Update?!  What do you think of this the latest Minecraft incarnation… and does it beat watching movies with 360 million gamers on Party Royal Island in Fortnite?

Lorenza may be interested to hear that Stranger Things 3 is now a video game and it’s a perfect 90’s style retro game…says the old guy!

Last Of Us II is NOT getting DLC (downloadable content) but is getting a multi-user online mode…not sure what Kal’s going to have to say about that!?

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 12.25.11 AM.png

How serious did you get about Pokemon Go… 64 phones serious?

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