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Raccoon Hugs Little Rat dog
TechBandits Unite!See you all Tuesday March 9th (today) 4pm EST!Another Banditry bounty of random weird, wonderful and just plain terrifying things for you all to have a look at…

ImIronham and I were complaining about how boring it was to learn the parts of a cell from a black and white drawing… until my friends Ari (who may have a couple of new bandit recruits for us from Texas!) and dungeon-and-science-master James showed me these amazing animations! that SpaceX rocket launch we watched? … yeah…well.. we didn’t watch long enough! Turns out it was more of a bomb than a rocket…even after it performed that spectacular landing!

And we may need to get our rockets sorted and get off this rock, unless we figure out how to stop the global climate emergency. If you want to read about just how bad it could get then check out this New York Times article that reads like a sci-fi/horror… how do we stop this from happening?! What can we do today that could make a difference?

And finally…here’s a slug and its head hanging out together!? cool would it be if we could harness the same slug regeneration abilities…do you think genetics could help with that? Here’s a bit more information about the slug’s regenerative abilities!

Talk soon!

4pm EST
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