Gaming Quantum Mechanics…let’s get weird!

Hello Bandits… no matter what parallel world you may exist in!

I got in o a cool conversation on Saturday with my friend Barnacules about Quantum entanglement and if it could be used to control robots instantaneously from insanely huge differences… what the heck is Quantum entanglement you say? I know I did! So grab a hamburger or a hotdog and see what you can make of this truly weird science!

To try and avoid so much math and such, a lot of quantum studying folks looked at games as a possible way to teach students about how all this really works… so of course, Minecraft was one of the first to the gaming party!

I found another game, but this goes a whole step further. By playing the game you not only learn about how quantum mechanics works, but you also help solve equations for the people studying it!:

And finally heres a little video I found from Google, talking about how cool it will be when we figure all this cray-cray Quantum stuff out and start computing with it!

And a great talk by Dr. Talia Gershon from IBM about how to get into quantum computing!

And finally more Disney robots… how creepy real are these peepers!?

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