Ghostly Greetings?

Do you have any good ghost stories? We bought this house from the estate of a guy who committed suicide. It was a very sad story,but we felt it was a good house that bad things happened in. The dog was sealed the deal for us, he came in, flopped down and had a nap. He wasn’t worried at all, so neither were we. As it turns out wee never had a problem. Well, there was one thing: the previous owner, poor guy, shot himself on the front deck in the early hours of the morning. When we first moved in at 5am every morning all the doors in the house would suddenly slam shut. It completely freaked me out. I thought “oh no, we’ve bough the Amityville horror house!”…obviously I tend to take these kinds of things with Spock-like scientific calm and reasoning! We finally figured out that if the front windows were left open the morning breeze would funnel through the house and that by closing a couple of the front windows the problem was solved. It sure had us worried for a while though!

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