Going deaf?! C# Programming and fabulous Let’s talk Science Makerspace!

As always a bit of a pause between this print on learn and the last. Today I’m talking about the fact that I just had to order hearing aids or I have to get fit for your needs as it turns out I seem to be going deaf… making me officially old rather than just old at heart. I’m also touching on some of the C sharp programming that I am learning as I’m burning great linked in learning course called essential C# programming…I’m on the second course of that. And last but certainly not least the fabulous Let’s talk Science and our Makerspace project with Shaftesbury! I’m also looking to reward Patreon supporters with something cool…wondering if it’s time to do some Stargate commentaries that would be available to people who aresulporting my tech bandits kids club cause would love your thoughts on that.

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