Great book – Bad week!

Can’t tell you how much it helps to get on the torture device and do my #BurnAndLearn. I’m finding that doing it everyday is a bit too much for me and I’m worried about overdoing it and bailing on the whole thing…which would be a shame as I think it’s good for me…both physically and mental-like 😉
As the title says, not a great week, really missed having Jane around and struggling with Bratlett and his social media, YouTube and gaming habits. Adding to the general malaise is this wretched Budapest gig moving around the dates and me having to walk away from it. A big financial hit, but I really think that Tech Terrors is worth fighting for…and on a purely selfish level…the power to control my own schedule for a change!

Fully engrossed in Shoshana Zuboff’s amazing Surveillance Capitalism
Exactly the kind of learn I need to counter the Burn!

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