It’s On! It’s Off! It’s On again! Banditry Ho!

Bandits of Earth!
My filming dates have changed, yet again, so I’m free for Banditry…
11am EDTFriday Aug 28th

I didn’t get much warning to do a proper email but I tried…here’s an Raccoon riding a crocodile!

Travelling Bandit Style!

I’m going to FINALLY! unbox and open my new multi colour 3d Printer.  That should keep me busy… well, that and the new Streaming deck:

Black Magic ATEM Mini Pro ISO
Multi Filament Prusa 3d Printer

….but while I do that…
You all need to seriously consider what we can do with this Haddington Dynamics Robotic arm… or their custom robotics labs.  If we come up with something really good then we may get to actually build one of these beasts…I’m talking to the big brains behind their operations every week now!

Haddington Dynamics Dexter Arm

And how about some robotic inspirations?
A drone from Japan that catches drones!?

Sky drone battle!

India’s giant traffic cop robot!

Traffic Robot in India

Or DOGO, the deadly robot that’s packing a 9mm Glock pistol that it can fire up to five times every two seconds.  If you aren’t looking to kill, the Dogo can also carry pepper spray or a dazzling light module to cause temporary blindness… what could go wrong!?

israel-robot.jpg DOGO “anti-terro” robot!?

Here’s the great WIRED.COM (which I’ve now subscribed to as they have so many great articles for TechBandits inspiration)

Here’s my personal favourite… cooking robots…because, you know, Food!

See you all at 11am EDT!

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