Late Edition

Great session this week…one of the highlights for me was being told that the Tech Autopsy ladies had uncovered “a whole new world” inside the laser printer that they wanted me to see.  They have also begun taking  home some of the circuit boards that they salvaged…salvaged with as little  actual breaking or cutting as possible, I might add…such a great group of Tech Examiners!

Baz working on his own Xbox assistive controller setup!

Xbox adaptive controller was a huge hit…so much so that the battles weren’t just on Fortnite! 😉 . Too many terrors too few Xboxes…so the plan next week is to divide them into teams and have them work together on some assistive controller Fortnite competitions…or possibly Forza car racing as Xbox sent me a free copy of the legendary edition and it might be a good “in” for discussions about car tech!

Alma and her Video Splinter team recorded a school walk through for one of the teachers who will be showing it to another school in Africa apparently!

Robot building was thwarted by cabling confusion so I will be providing some old-fashioned printouts for that process next week as the instructions were all on the app which was on the phone filming for Africa! 😉
The Mad PC Modders are nearing completion of the stormtrooper PC build…I’m told just a few cables to the case to figure out and so I’m hoping to see it booting up next session!

Not sure how our intrepid YouTube gaming VFX crew are doing as VFX Vida wisely took them off to quieter parts of the school to work in the Open Broadcasting System software used to do screen capture…Gabe says he’s having fun, so I can’t wait to hear about what’s up with that!

The Terrors who have put in the time to 3d printing have had their efforts rewarded by Mike-the-muscle presenting them with their own orange Flexi-Rexi’s…in case you’re wondering what that dinosaur is doing in your house.

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