Let’s Welcome some Magic to our Gathering!

Since we’ve had the pleasure of having Liam Kane’s presence and Magic The Gathering (MTG) prowess…I thought I’d better put together an MTG introduction…there’s some amazing stuff out there, but here’s a few videos and guides to get you started!

First off…what is Magic the Gathering?

Magic The Gathering (MTG) was, I believe, the first trading card game way back in 1993. According to wikipedia there are approximately thirty-five million players (that’s 35,000,000!?) as of December 2018,[2][3][4] and over twenty billion Magic cards produced in the period from 2008 to 2016, during which time it grew in popularity.[5][6]

But how many is that… these videos might help put those crazy huge numbers in perspective:



The Great Tolarian Community College!

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