Meme Stocks, Superbowl to superhero, making money with gamer sites, and the crazy future of brain controlled VR!

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GameBandit on Alert!

Are any of you using Reddit to send stock prices up…be sure to let me know in advance? If not, what are you using reddit for. What is it that appeals to you and what subreddits should we be reading?

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif – Super hero!

I generally prefer e-sports, but Tuesday morning I heard a CBC: The Current interview with American Football player Laurent Duvernay-Tardif who despite having just won the superbowl, heard Quebec needed volunteers to help with COVID, so decided to work as a nurse and orderly at a long term care home in Montreal… instead of returning to this years football season! It’s an incredible interview with a real hero of a Doctor in training, that really made me think about my own priorities during this pandemic!

Need to know which PS4 games are going to work on that new PS5 system… well, a group of dedicated fans have put together the most comprehensive list on the subject themselves!

Can you think of any other Game related resources that people might find interesting or of use to gamers like us? I found a neat site run by a university student in Calgary that takes old consoles, cleans and fixes them up and then donates them to kids who can’t afford their own…

Here’s an interview with David Tanhelson that CBC did recently.

What do you think us GameBandits could be doing to help less fortunate gamers?

What’s new in VR…could it be Brain controlled?… Gabe Newell the head of Valve Corporation has some pretty crazy great ideas about where his company’s VR system can take us! And you know what’s even cooler? We’ve already been playing with some of this tech…

Valve is using a slightly newer version of the OpenBCI headset that we were playing with at the beginning of last year! How do you think they could use this kind of technology with VR…are we headed for The Matrix?

What news or Game related information do you have to share with us today…let’s hear from our Bandits!

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