Nerd vs. Nature!

Hewlett Diary: It’s me against the elements…well, village life in Warwickshire at any rate. Working on ridding the grounds of moles and entertaining the local fish with my attempts at fishing. I could see myself quite happily living the life of a English countryside recluse…or any kind of recluse now that I think about it. I do think I’d miss many of the conveniences that life in the big city brings…pizza delivery and comic book and skateboard shops leaps to mind, but this is a pretty good trade-off out here. I’m fishing the river Itch if anyone has any tips for me. I’ve been doing what we always do here, moving furniture around and trying to “finish” the house. There’s a great saying that when the house is finished the man dies…I don’t think you ever really get a place truly in order. There always seems to be something else to work on. I’ve also been spending a lot of time thinking about how best we’re going to pursue this Fanatical thing and am now working on a schedule for all the new ideas…holidays are great..but work is better!

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