Neuralink’s Smart Pigs, DIY Arduino glasses…and lock picking, there’s an app for that!?

I think the biggest news of this week has to be Elon Musk’s new Neuralink demonstration!

This may be somewhat familiar to you as we’ve already played with this kind of tech with our Brain Computer Interface… you remember that spikey 3-d printed skull-cap that we used to capture electrical signals from your heads?

Well, Elon’s new company is planning on using robots to surgically implant much more sensitive sensors right into people’s heads…though for this demonstration they used some very happy pigs…

Including Gertrude, who had no intention of doing what she was told to… even when the richest men in the world was telling her to do it!

The Neuralink is a tiny looney-sized chip with over 1000 spikes…or sensors, a fraction of a human hair in width.  You can even have multiple neuralinks imbedded too. 

Not only can the neuralink directly read the signals coming from your brain… it can write signals to your brain as well!  What do you think?  Would you sign up to have a robotic surgeon insert 1000 sensor spikes into your head? How could, should or shouldn’t we be using this new “brainy” tech? I’ve got to say, I’m really excited about how this technology could help people with disabilities and all kinds of brain related issues…not to mention unlock the secrets of how our brains actually work!

Speaking of unlocking… I believe I’ve shown you how locks work (and even how to pick them) before?  Well, here’s a great video on how locks and lock picking works just to remind you…

The thing about traditional lock picking is that you need to have unrestricted access to the lock.  Nobody be around while you’re trying to pick it.  And even  if you do succeed in picking the lock, it’s a one time deal… the next time you want to get in, you have to pick it all over again!?
So get this!  A new paper from the National University of Singapore  demonstrates how locks could be picked just by recording the sound of the key being inserted…and and some seriously cool math!

Now… how about some inventive inspiration? A 16 year old from Arizona just announced his new smart glasses…a working prototype that people are already saying are better than Google Glass!

The whole thing was created by using open source software, an Arduino and a transparent screen… all of which you can buy online!

What do you want to build… or invent!?  What’s the first thing you’d need to do to actually make it reality?!

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