Not dead yet!

Hello Team Terror!

I’m sending this from downtown St. John’s Newfoundland… where I’m currently matching wits with a great hairy detective…  so pardon the grammar, spelling and general confusion! šŸ˜‰

So, we snuck in a little extra session this week… I wanted to let any eager tech examiners, who might have wanted more tech autopsy-ing time to finish up taking their tech victims apart, before they returned to sports or Harry Potter clubs… now that’s a club!

In case you don’t get to the end of this update… PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOUR TERROR, OR ANYONE YOU KNOW’S TERROR, IS INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN SOME YOUTUBE SCIENCE VIDEOS WITH ME.. got some cool, new and returning favourite Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math projects I’d like to produce!

Massive thanks to the amazing Mike ‘Muscles’ V. for all his help carting stuff around, his cleaning and packing skills and for putting up with my own last minute salvaging of parts as we did our session end clean up…though for some reason, Mike didn’t want the laser printer in his car? šŸ˜‰ 

 Art and technology combined… our savaged colour laser printer!  I made a bit of a mess in the “clean up” phase admittedly, but the technology and precision behind these things is just incredible… managed to explain the basics to a few of the kids… I’ve discovered it helps to say “laser” loudly and a lot!

And of course huge thanks to the unstoppable Ron ‘Video’ V.!  Once again Mr V. has gone above and beyond his many roles and his crazy near-lunch-less schedule to add gaming videos to the mix and make all this Tech Terrors happen…again… thank you sir!

Many terrors were very eager to leave with some salvaged tech parts to play with…I think I managed to chat with just about everyone who did and I let them know what they were and what they did… but feel free to send me photos or questions if any of your terrors want to know more about what they’ve brought home with them!

Ladies tackling the last of the PS3 game console while the lads work on the laptops!

We figured this must be the controls for our multi-CD changing stereo!

Some cool new Science Technology, Engineering arts and Math finds to share:

Don’t Eat Your Spinach?!Spinach plants are being modified using carbon nano-tubes to detect chemicals… including toxic gases and chemicals found in explosives… check out these plant detectives:

Not the first time I’ve seen plants communicating thanks to the amazing Neuroscientist Greg Gage … check out this Ted Talk to learn how a Venus fly trap counts… and how it can be hacked and tricked into controlling the movement of other plants through electrical impulses, like the ones that make our hearts beat!:

Another Call for Terrors!
I’m going to be filming a series of experiments and Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math related YouTube videos and I’d love to have some of the kids, in smaller groups of 2 or 3, come and work with me on them and appear in the videos.  If anyone is interested or knows someone else who might be interested, please, please do get in touch!

It has been such a pleasure working with your Terrors.  There is nothing like seeing the kids get excited about something I’d never have thought of or taking things in some crazy new and entirely different directions… It’s a struggle not to have more fun than they do! 

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