Ogre Faced hairy hearing spider legs, bioluminescence and rat driving!?

Monday Banditry is afoot…

Or is it a web!?

We were talking the other day about cool animal traits and then in my Interwebbing I found this beautiful beast. What big eyes and “ears” you have Ogre face spider…all the better to catch you in the net I’m holding as I hang in the web I spun! These are some seriously acrobatic arachnids…and the mental gymnastics that scientists have had to go through to figure them out… like, how the heck do you blindfold a spider!?


And that “hearing” is all thanks to hair legs…all the better to hair/hear you with!?

And in keeping with nature’s inspirations how about this cell sucking vampire amoeba!?

Speaking of algae…did you know that some algae actually glows!? Check out this beach in California during a “red tide” event earlier this year when tons of algae form…in this case algae that emits light when disturbed!

And here’s how another bioluminescent organism,bacteria this time is being used to track ocean pollution:

And if you think that looks cool…how about creating your own? If you’re interested let me know and I’ll talk to my friend at The Odin, about setting us up with some DIY Bio kits!

And finally …how can you resist rats driving tiny cars towards food!??

See you all tomorrow!

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