OKGO Geek!

Just watched this incredible OK GO video…now I want to know what videos have inspired, challenged or changed you!
Here’s the link:

Seeing this video I just wanted to jump in there and help. I love how perfectly imperfect it is, the honesty and the passion evident in the making of it. I’m jealous that they’ve got the musical chops as well as the practical brilliance to pull something like this off. It is a beautiful example of the kind of fanatical and odd attention to detail that I love and so admire. More and more I’m finding my inspiration and excitement on YouTube. I still love films…I better, I’ve got Debug coming out…but there’s something so personal and engaging about seeing what’s important to other people and what they want to spend their time and energy on. It makes me even more determined to work out how to have Fanatical succeed!

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