Plastic Munching Mushrooms, Bacteria and roboStarfish… Muscle Maxxing & Deep Sea power!

Plastic Munching Mushrooms, Bacteria and roboStarfish… Muscle Maxxing & Deep Sea power!
Captain’s log….Stardate June 7 2022…TechBandits Shownotes!
To start things off… Tuesday June 14th 2:30pm ET is our next bout of TechBanditry…with our brilliant Bandit Wulfpup calling the shots this time around…hope to see you there!
Show notes always take me forever, so I’ve been banging my head against some python code to help make the transition from my notes, to your eyes, a little less typey (less typing)? Hoping to slowly include a little TechBandit automation into my weekly geek outs! If you’re not familiar with the programming language Python…I highly recommend it…it’s a wonder with data, formatting and searches!So… last week we covered everything from micro plastics to giant deep ocean generating platforms! Here’s what I’ve cobbled together from my scribbled notes (soon to be robo-notes!)First up, here’s a great video that covers the basics of the whole plastic situation…us TechBandits are way ahead on this because we were lucky enough to have had the fabulous Candy Medusa on a previous stream!Well, perhaps, we can now sic some crafty little bacteria on the problem?Ending Plastic Pollution with Designer Bacteria know there’s plastic everywhere…including in us…so we should probably start figuring out if our bodies can handle it all, right?Microplastics are everywhere — but are they harmful?’s a great Chemistry World article about how AI has been used to design and engineer special plastic chomping enzymes(proteins that speed up chemical reactions):AI-engineered enzyme eats entire plastic containers – started snuffling around online (like a truffle pig!), only to discover that we can add plastic eating mushrooms…that we can eat…or use to heat our houses…or box our deliveries…to the mix!And some of these magnificent mushrooms can even be used to heat homes and eat plastic: – about growing food out of a futuristic toxic waste eating mushroom “mutarium”?FUNGI MUTARIUM a side of nanobots!? Yep, we’ve been working on everything from carbon nanite springs to microscopic grabbing starfish-bots!Tearing up plastics with Carbon Nanosprings! Maze in Plastic Wastes: Autonomous Motile Photocatalytic Microrobots against Microplastics – Robots Could Clean Up Microplastic Pollution- you probably know, I’m incredibly fit, strong and muscle-ish (is that a word?) If this was true, here are the links I should have read about creating the abs of my dreams:Muscles, Part 1 – Muscle Cells: Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology #21- I watched this unbelievable Crash Course Biology video I was flabbergasted…I could not get over the complex beauty and dance machine precision of how our muscles work on the molecular scale…but I did have to watch it a few times to really get it to sink in…amazing!What makes muscles grow? – Jeffrey Siegel – basically we bulk up by tearing our muscles?!Okay, this all sounds like too much work…is there science to help my couch potato approach to fitness…what about those fancy protein drinks?Does Protein Powder Work? (Spoiler: YES, but there’s a catch)- going to help me enough…maybe there are super drugs that I could take to make me Aquaman fit instantly?How do steroids affect your muscles— and the rest of your body? – Anees Bahji-! Sounds like Anabolic Steroids are popular…and crazy dangerous…roid rage?!Britain’s Steroid Epidemic | Men’s Health UK- finally….With oil prices skyrocketing and the planet choking on the fumes…we need better options for creating huge amounts of cheap renewable electricity to power my robot army…and it looks like Japan may have found it…deep in the ocean!’s a tidal generator system broken down in engineering animations: this very cool promotional video showing off the turbines!SR2000 Tidal Turbine 2018 2GWh –
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