Josef Prusa is a total hero to me. A hobbyist and inventor , who built his Czech 3D printer company into a global 3d printing empire, Prusa’s printers win just about every yearly award there is in the field. The Mark I was the first 3d printer I owned and that I use on a regular basis. Many a year of Tech Bandits have seen it in action. I’ve wheeled this printer kit to our local public school hundreds of time, through rain and sleet and snow and hail and it’s never missed a beat….incredible machine! But that’s not all. Josef took the COVID Pandemic very seriously and he jumped into action immediately! He converted the chemical division of his manufacturing team to creating much needed disinfectant, and designed, manufactured and distributed thousands of PPE shields to keep his employees and his country safe! Prusa has now made me an even bigger fan by providing us with their latest multi-filament (multi-colour) 3D printer kit. As the Bandits are still in partial lockdown, I will be recording the build so they can see all the gory details of how it’s put together!