So Long & Thanks For All The Fish!

We’re just about out of fish, what do we do now? The title comes from the brilliant and wonderful Douglas Adams novel, by the way! I tend not to be big much of an environmentalist but this article in the Washington Post really put it in perspective for me:

I was struck by their point that we don’t hunt cows anymore – we couldn’t possibly sustain that kind of approach to beef. So how can we expect the oceans to continue providing with our relentless pursuit of fish! Do you think we may all have need to become vegetarians in the future. Not something I particularly relish as I’m a huge meat eater…getting huger every day now I mention it! There is fish farming but I know there are a lot of issues with that…as there can be with any kind of mass farming operation. My wife only every buys organic, free range type meat, but it’s expensive and hardly and option for everyone…I mean, they’re talking less than 40 years in this article…then we’re done!! That’s a very short period of time for us to fix this. I suppose the fact that I have a son that will be directly impacted by this…so it’s entirely selfish!

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