Sponsors & Supporters

Attacking Bandits with EZ-Robot Six!

We have been extraordinarily fortunate to have such great TechBandits support, through donated technology, services and cold hard virtual cash!

As you can probably tell, I am very much enjoying all the crazy fun stuff that the Bandits and I have been getting up to over the past few years. However, if we’re going to grow and expand our reach, we’ll need to upgrade the tools and tech of our Tech Banditry. We need some sponsors!

Huddle…Tech Banditry is afoot!

I’m looking for kindred spirits and suitably aligned businesses to help support our mission to inspire the next generation of brilliant minds!

Bratlett configures Microsoft Xbox’s Adaptive controller.

Specifically, I’m hoping to attract some funding, tools and technology in return for “informal” promotions and shout-outs online and at appearances. It’s important to me that I trust and stand behind whatever product, service or patron, I’m working with and that any arrangements are completely transparent to our dynamic community of like-minded, life-long learners.

Here’s what we need…

Documenting Bandit

The Bandits and I want to share our adventures through filmmaking, podcasts, streaming, games and web programming! So we need cameras, lights and sound equipment. We’re also going to need workstations that can handle the many projects we hope to explore, including video and sound editing, 3D design, VFX tools and all the power and storage required to handle all that processing and rendering…The Bandits will be taking production to the next level! Ideally the PC’s would be in the form of components that the kids can assemble and configure themselves as part of our sessions.

Paws off our Prusa Printer!

Okay so the Bandits and I want free stuff and money… how does this help you as a sponsor?

In return for your support, you’d have me spotlighting your products and services to our smart, active and savvy community of Makers, 3d print, design and CNC enthusiasts, Parents, Educators, Scientists, Engineers, IT professionals, filmmakers, actors, writers, sound and VFX artists as well as students of all levels and areas of interest… I believe that this could be a fantastic opportunity for me to introduce potential new clients and customers to your products and services using my own signature mix of honest, enthusiastic, funny, friendly and excited authenticity. Our marketing collaborations could be as simple as a shout-out on social media, a contest or giveaway, or perhaps product placement. Collaborations could include special unboxings, tutorials or build videos, or what about custom video ads designed specifically for you and your product? As long as we make it crystal clear to my audience what our arrangement is, I’m happy to give it a go… after all, we’ve got brilliant minds to inspire!

Audience Numbers

I have 108k+ followers on Twitter, almost 40k subscribers on YouTube, 19k+ on Facebook and 13K+ instagram followers and I have recently begun venturing into live streaming on Twitch.

I’m currently based in Toronto, Canada, but have cultivated a sizeable and highly active, International social media community of education, maker, STEAM, SciFi, geek culture fans. This is a smart and savvy group, many of whom are entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and experts in various areas of technology and the sciences… in fact, they are often Makers or Educators themselves.

Mugging with my OZ Comic con panel friends!

My passion for the science of science fiction, enthusiastic curiosity and life-long love of learning, led me to create The Tech Bandits. The Tech Bandits is a weekly in-school lunch club and a personal, on-going passion for STEAM outreach and education. This encompasses social media, video, audio and gaming projects as well as a recently launched weekly email newsletter.

Along with traditional press, TV and radio interviews I am fortunate to be invited to join many high-profile podcasts, blogs, streams and videos.

I’m a big fan of collaborating and conspiring with YouTubers, Twitch Streamers and science communicators. I work with schools and educators and volunteer my time and expertise to the amazing Canada-wide charity, Let’s Talk Science.

Pontificating on PC Perspective Podcast

I have been invited to appear and speak at Film, TV and Gaming conventions as well as science and technology conferences and corporate events, where I have discussed topics as diverse as my curiosity….STEM, Visual Effects, biotech, acting, gaming, directing, education, screenwriting, parenting, online marketing, Geek and Maker culture!

The Tech Bandits club is a magnificent, mad, mess of curiosity driven exploration that follows random inspiring STEAM connections…often with a focus on my own passion for assistive tech. Exploring adaptive, and rehabilitative systems for people with disabilities or the elderly, inspire crazy, cool, innovations. The field ecompasses robotics, biotech, chemistry, programming, big data, AI, design and so much more. It’s a joy to see the Bandits’ enthusiasm for working with technologies that directly improve their fellow human’s lives.

My belief is that contagious curiosity can become inspired, lifelong learning… and I’d love the opportunity to showcase any suitable products, services or companies that care enough to help inspire the future with me.