StyroWorms! Spider Plastic, Dirty Space SnowBalls, Sinking Cities & More!

A Spider in its web. Styrofoam eating worms,asteroid catching robot hand, Me in a Plastic Bottle.
StyroWorms! Spider Plastic, Dirty Space SnowBalls, Sinking Cities & More!Captain’s log….Stardate June 21 2022…
Tuesday June 21st 2:30pm ET is our next dose of TechBanditry…and we’re chewing styrofoam and sinking cities for all sorts of STEAM inspirations!
I have discovered that my fabulous little bookmarks app (no connections, I just geek love it!) allows me to add little descriptions…which is all I need (for now) to share my show notes with you all. …which is why I haven’t done it yet, right?! You’re not the BOSS of me…okay, here’s last weeks Show Notes. ;-)And for you super keeners looking for a jump on Today’s stream…here’s what I’ve got, thus far, in the way oftalking points. How’s that for Preparation? Obviously, I’m always open to incoming SQUIRRELS!…so if you find other cool science, technology, engineering arts and maths stuff to distract me and inspire the Bandits with, let me know on Discord or in the Twitch Live Chat!WulfPup Bandit did such a great job with the talking points last week and was so inspired, he had even more suggestions… specifically that I look at Mark Rober‘s latest inventor kits.Mark’s CrunchLabs boxes are delivered monthly to aspiring engineers and inventors and look like a TON of FUN (again no connections…I’m just a nerd)! So, I took the liberty of using our TechBanditry funds to set him up with a 6 month subscription. I figured he could do reviews and unboxings of them for us. I’m so JEALOUS…but then I’m supposed to be the grown up and the kids are supposed to be the ones doing the learning…supposedly?! ;-)Thanks much & See you all this afternoon!D!
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Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Brilliant!Cheerio! And Huzzah!D!