Sweatiest light Sabre & The worst attempt at singing Journey ever!?

Saturday #BurnAndLearn I am in awe of these Light Sabres that Aharon and Chad and my amazing friends at Red Giant (http://www.redgiant.com) sent to Bratlett and I this Christmas…insanely cool and fun and wonderfully satisfying! They are from this company called UltraSabres: https://ultrasabers.com/ …but please tell them I sent you, that way they might think it’s a good idea to send me free stuff! 😉

Burn was 46 minutes with the torture device set at 5 and the Learn was STEAM Makers by Jacie Maslyk: http://www.steam-makers.com/

And finally he TedTalk video on education I watched thanks to links in the book was Will Richardson talking at TedX NYED in Vancouver 2011: https://youtu.be/Ni75vIE4vdk

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