Taking names. Making arms.

Hello Bandits!I was telling my brilliant wife Jane yesterday how I’ve been waking up every morning eager to dive into more TechBanditry! As an actor I usually have to wait for the phone to ring..or the email to chime… as it’s only then that I get the thrill of a cool audition or word of a new acting gig …but now with TheTechBandits, I get to generate my own excitement, daily! I get to plot and scheme, research and play with mad TechBandit ideas and I recently delve into some neat businessy stuff too. I’m loving it! I really appreciate you all being a part of this, whether it’s by joining this mailing list, sharing TechBandits with friends and family or actually going so far as to generously help me to fund it with your donations… thank you!I’d love to personalize these emails with first names and get a city and country from everyone so we can create a map of all our TechBandit friends from around the world…what do you think?
A quick Highlight from our last TechBandits session… the amazing story of E-nable…how a cool cosplay hand became a global assistive tech phenomenon!I’ve found over the years that the Bandits respond incredibly well to assistive technology. They quickly pick up on the fact that this is technology…technology that they can actually contribute to…will be a direct benefit to and have a real impact on the lives of others…and it’s wonderful for boosting empathy and an understanding of, and collaboration with, people with disabilities. Check them out and let us know what you think we can do to inspire more of this kind of educational change!Want more… check out our latest TechBandits session:
Be safe, be kind, be brilliant!