TechBandits High Tech Heatwave

It was such a pleasure to be back at the microphone chatting with the TechBandits and you all again…Thanks so very much to all our fabulous Patreons, Subscribers and Donors for keeping up the love despite my terribly random summer schedule…The Bandits will be back to their real educations any day now, so I’ll be figuring out a (hopefully) more reliable streaming schedule…
But Yay! Caught up with the Bandits and once again it was a whole bag of SQUIRRELS! Including, but by no means limited to…recent news and drama surrounding OnlyFans attempting to ditch their Adult content, Olympic Robot art, Swaziland, Five Nights at Freddy’s fan films and the high cost of digital goods in free games…I’m talking $50 GlitchPop Valorant knife beautifulness…I mean craziness?! Are young Bandits better at accepting the value of digital assets…and if so how do we sell them some NFTs?! 😉 I’m including a link to my Show Notes, which are an on-going project, so be sure to check them out with all my terrible grammar and spelling mistakes while you can!All the best,Hewlett!
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