‘Tis time for more Tech… Bandits!

I’ve found us another wild winged beast to look at… it literally dropped in during a socially distanced coffee meeting yesterday… I’ll give you a clue: These noisy giants can live up to 17 years!
If you can’t wait…here’s a bit about them:

National Geographic

I look forward to seeing all you willing victims Today, 11am EDT Friday July 24th at

Now, tell me…Is this electrical outlet looking at you?

Shocked Socket?

What about this happy Austin Healey?

Happy Healey?

If you’re seeing faces, like I do, then we’ve got ourselves examples of Pareidolia!

Our brains are great at recognizing faces…how great, you ask? … so great that we often see faces where there aren’t any!?  It all comes down to how our brain processes faces.  Check out the amazing Canadian education charity, Let’s Talk Science, (I love these folks!) as they help us face the facts of facial recognition and the brain!

The Brain

Now… from grey matter to green matter!

Relaxing swim?

Satisfied that the oak knots in my floorboards weren’t staring up at me in judgment, I found this artful indoor, wall-mounted algae farm… 

Art or Science?

…not just because I think it’s crazy cool and gorgeous, but because it also cleans the air and provides an edible super food!

FlipFlop polution

Which got me thinking….What is this amazing Algae stuff and how could it be used to solve everything from sustainable farming to planet saving transportation fuel? And how the heck does having it in Flipflops and surfboards and ink help save our planet!?


Scott Fulbright’s has a great TedTalk about how he’s using Algae to replace the petroleum based planet killing inks we use daily!

I was heartened to see that he too is pretty great at getting distracted…Squirrel!


And finally, my Algae intensive investigations lead me to the wonderful Pond Life, a fabulous series of videos by the American Museum of Natural History

Pond Life!
There must be robots!

But then I realized that I hadn’t mentioned robots…and I can’t really wrap things up without  robots… or even better, the people who build them!  Here’s a great video about a Day at Work as a Robotics Engineer!

Life as a Robotics Engineer

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