TECHBANDITS Live! 005 We’re here for your BRAINS!!


Tomorrow will be a day to remember; a day when two sisters of STEAM will turn our brains into jello… all in the name of science!
11am EDT Bandits!
And we’ll do our usual chitty chat over on discord.


That’s right, we’re streaming live again tomorrow and we are extremely lucky to have the STEAM Sisters…Swapna and Sandyha Mylabathula… joining us!  This dynamic duo will be talking about their amazing quest to save our jello-brains from traumatic brain injuries that can really mess with our heads…concussions!  
Here’s a couple of articles that once again prove that are STEAM rockstars with their heads in the game (it’s hard to stop!?)!

So make sure you’re following the STEAM sisters on instagram!
And watching the STEAM sisters on YouTube!

Talking about unlocking the secrets of the brain…got me thinking about the secrets of unlocking locks…Squirrel!?


Did you know there were competitive lock picking clubs?  “Locksports” as they call them.  But these break-in artists aren’t looking to steal anything… just listening for that satisfying click of defeating an almost infinite combination (couldn’t resist it!) of locks… check these out!

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.08.06 PM.png

2019  North Carolina Lockpicking Championship:

How do they do it!?  A lot of practice by the looks of it… but luckily there’s all the information you need in video form on YouTube!… To start out we need to know how locks work:


Want to give it a go… grab a couple of paperclips and start your journey into the life of a super spy like the 17 million other people who watched this video!

If you want to learn how to pick locks yourself, you’ll want to check out the LockPickingLawyer on Youtube…

this guy has instructions on how to defeat the security of just about anything!


And what would TechBandits be without robots…so how about we just get one to do some safe cracking for us!?

Or why not build one of JollyPeanut’s electric toothbrush automatic lock pickers!?

But maybe not using the amazing Simone Giertz’ toothbrushing machine?:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.21.44 PM.png

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